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Date Posted: 30 November 2023  

Suspension Struts and Shocks: Enhancing Ride Comfort and Control Few parts of an automobile are as important to performance and ride quality as suspension struts and shocks. The maintenance of ride comfort and control while driving is greatly dependent on these hidden heroes of vehicle dynamics. Your driving experience can be greatly impacted by the state and quality of your suspension system, whether you're driving on city streets or going on an off-road excursion. We examine the significance of suspension struts and shocks in this blog, emphasising how they improve ride comfort and vehicle control. Our goal is to provide you with a thorough understanding of these parts, illuminating their purposes and the ways in which they enhance the over

Date Posted: 15 November 2023  

Common Exhaust System Issues and Troubleshooting Tips From lowering your vehicle’s fuel efficiency to potentially emitting hazardous gases, a faulty exhaust system can cause a whole host of problems. That’s why it’s important to know how to identify common exhaust system issues and how to troubleshoot them. Which is precisely what we’ll discuss in this article. We will explain how to diagnose problems, how to fix them yourself or when to go to a mechanic. But before we get to that, let’s start with an overview of the exhaust system and its components. How the Exhaust System Works and its Components The exhaust system consists of several key components, each with a specific role in ensuring your vehicle operates efficiently and safely:

Date Posted: 14 November 2023  

A Full Guide to Suspension Control Arms: the Key to Stability and Handling Best case scenario if your suspension system is not good? Driving is uncomfortable. Worst case? You lose control of your vehicle. Your car's suspension system is the unsung hero that ensures a smooth, comfortable, and safe ride. And at the heart of this system lies a crucial component - suspension control arms. In this article, we'll explore suspension control arms and discuss their function, types, signs of deterioration, and the possibility of upgrading for enhanced performance. So let’s delve into the discussion about these crucial vehicle components. What Are Suspension Control Arms? Suspension control arms or A-arms are responsible for maintaining the proper alignment of your w

Date Posted: 3 May 2023  

5 Ways to Care for Your Car Suspension System The suspension system of a car is an essential component that helps to keep the car stable, smooth, and safe on the road. The suspension system consists of several parts such as shocks, struts , springs , and bushings that work together to absorb bumps and vibrations on the road. These parts can wear out over time due to everyday wear and tear, road conditions, and exposure to weather elements. To ensure that your car's suspension system remains in good working condition, it is important to follow these five tips for proper maintenance: 1. Regular inspection Regular inspections of a car's suspension system are vital to identify any potential issues before they escalate into maj

Date Posted: 12 April 2023  

Top 5 Common Exhaust System Problems and Their Quick Solutions Your car's exhaust system is crucial for the safe removal of exhaust gases and maintaining its proper functioning. And like any other automotive component, exhaust systems can experience problems over time. Here are some of the most common issues car owners face with their exhaust systems and solutions on how to address them. 1. Exhaust Leaks Exhaust system leaks are a frequent problem, which can be caused by a wide range of factors such as rust, corrosion, damaged pipes or fittings, or improper installation . These leaks can result in poor engine performance, increased emissions, and potentially hazardous fumes. Leaks in the exhaust system can be difficult to detect because they oft

Date Posted: 29 March 2023  

6 Warning Signs of Suspension System Problems The suspension system in a car plays a critical role in ensuring a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable driving experience. It supports the weight of the car and its passengers by evenly distributing the weight of both the car and its occupants across all four wheels, and absorbs shocks and vibrations when driving on uneven or rough road surfaces. This helps to prevent these shocks from directly affecting the vehicle's components and passengers. Another is that it ensures that the tyres maintain contact with the road surface, which is crucial for steering and braking performance, particularly on uneven terrain. Also, it stabilizes the car during driving, cornering, braking, and acceleration. Thi

Date Posted: 11 August 2022  

Best Car Exhaust Systems in Australia Let's start with the purpose of your vehicle's exhaust system. The primary purpose of an exhaust system is to extract the burnt exhaust gases from the vehicle and control the noise the system puts out - to improve the performance of the engine and fuel consumption. The quality of your exhaust system will determine how the burned exhaust gases are disposed of. The more efficiently they are expelled, the more power will be provided to the vehicle and a better exhaust note, so let's get into what exhaust system is best for you! What are the Parts of the Exhaust System? It begins with the exhaust manifold/extractors , this is connected directly to the engine and harnesses the combustio

Date Posted: 11 March 2022  

A very handy suspension guide and why it's important to make the right choice for your vehicle The car's suspension is in charge of smoothing out the ride and keeping the car in control. The suspension system, in particular, increases the friction between the tyres and the road to give steering stability and decent handling. The suspension system also provides passengers with comfort by reducing the influence of specific road conditions. These settings are critical for passenger safety during driving phases, including braking, cornering, and traction. The chassis, which holds the car's cab, is one of several components that make up the suspension. The springs support the vehicle's weight to absorb and minimize excess energy from road shocks along with the shock absorbers and struts

Date Posted: 11 March 2022  

The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide for your car-obsessed partner! Car buffs are inherently extremely fussy about their tastes, so buying gifts for them can be challenging, especially if you're not obsessed with vehicles and everything that goes along with them. If their birthday, anniversary or even Christmas is approaching, now is the time to go through our list and grab a fantastic deal on awesome gifts for your car obsessed partner. When it comes to making a purchase, we have you covered if you are unsure what to get! From handy car accessories to full on exhaust revamps. We selected our top picks that are guaranteed to impress car enthusiasts of all ages. We are also available to give advice and make sure the gift suits the make and model of your partn

Date Posted: 11 October 2021  

Protect Your 4WD With Diesel Dog All 4WDs have a primary fuel filter in them. They’re usually under the bonnet and should be replaced at most services as they have a water trap to catch water, a sensor to detect any water. As far a primary fuel filters filtering ability is concerned, is usually around the 10 to 12-micron mark but not exclusively greater than 10 and sometimes as small as 5-microns. So they will filter out exceptionally small particulates and debris. Now, you might be wondering " Why do I need a secondary fuel filter? " What all of us who have a 4WD should still be worried about is that particles as small as 2-5-microns diameter can cause serious issues in the fuel system of newer common-rail d

Date Posted: 11 August 2021  

Towing Solutions Towing has become more and more important to Australians in recent times as we have been restricted to venturing around our beautiful country. We have taken to the roads towing our boats, caravans and trailers. Although, as many of you would have found, finding the correct fit and class of towbar can be quite mind boggling. You're probably asking yourself "What tow bar do I need?" and "What size tow bar do I need?". Whether you are going to tackle the task to fit it yourself or take it to your local mechanic to fit, Perform-Ex Automotive has all the towing solutions and after sales service you need! Now let’s break down the different types of towbar: Light Duty Towbars / Class 2 Towbar

Date Posted: 6 July 2021  

Best Aftermarket Exhaust Upgrade? What is the Best Aftermarket Muffler Upgrade? Are you wondering what the best aftermarket exhaust is? Or what is the best muffler upgrade? Read on! XForce exhausts are becoming an increasingly common point of conversation between consumers on the hunt for an aftermarket upgrade to their existing exhaust system, so we thought we would give you our opinion. Perform-Ex Automotive has been stocking and selling XForce exhausts now for many years, we have watched the quality of the product improve dramatically as it has been locally researched and custom developed here in Australia. We have also had the experience of fitting many of the systems in our workshop and the ease of fitment never fails to disappoint. We always like to fit and

Date Posted: 17 June 2021  

The Best Exhaust System on the Market? We think it's Redback Extreme Duty We would like to talk to you about why we think Redback Extreme Duty exhaust systems are one of the best exhausts on the Australian market. We mean it when we say the new range of Redback 4x4 Extreme Duty exhaust systems are built to last and perform. As Aussies we all rely on our 4x4s whether they are everyday run about vehicles or our prized possessions that we pour all our time and weekends into! So Redback saw the pride and joy that we have in this market and has engineered this exhaust system for a range of makes and models that will go the distance in harsh Australian conditions. Today, Redback is one of the few 4x4 exhaust system brands manufactured by a truly Australian company

Date Posted: 10 June 2021  

What is an iDRIVE Throttle Controller? And Why You Need One! You may be asking "What is an iDrive?" and "What does a throttle controller do?" if so keep reading! An iDRIVE throttle controller isn't some kind of magic wand that bestows your vehicle with extra horsepower. Instead, it operates by modifying how your Engine Control Unit (ECU) interprets signals from your accelerator pedal and determines the rate at which the throttle input is translated into engine power. It's important to note that the iDRIVE throttle controller won't suddenly give your car more horsepower, but it will change how your car reacts to your orders in a noticeable way. Have you ever needed to speed up quickly, like when passing another car, and felt like the pedal wasn't a

Car Filters and Why It's Important to Change Them The replacement of car filters should be an essential part of any vehicle's preventative maintenance schedule. They play an important part in ensuring that the engine continues to operate normally and in ensuring the well-being and safety of those who are travelling in the vehicle. It is essential to have a solid understanding of the functions served by each of the several types of filters found in a vehicle as well as the significance of routinely replacing the filters. Get to Know the Filters in Your Car Air Filter An air filter is an essential component of a car's engine system. It prevents airborne contaminants such as dirt, dust, and leaves from entering the engine and causi